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MANDAUE: Small steps to Giant Dreams

MANDAUE: Small steps to Giant Dreams


MANDAUE: Small steps to Giant Dreams

Labeled as the “Furniture Capital of the Country”, Mandaue City stands with God-given magnificence and pride. Mandaue City is well known for its numerous and cascading business establishments, enduring culture, artistry and of course, unique tastes of delicacies that is worth home-bringing. With a travel of less than an hour from the Cebu City proper, time wont be a torrid torrent of boring episodes as one find itself venturing along one of the Philippines illuminated city.
So take a peek and enjoy the splendid drama of Mandaue City from small steps to gigantic dreams of progress.

Making Business and Food
Located at the heart of Cebu, with a land area of 34.87 sq. km., the smallest city in the Cebu province-- Mandaue is Cebu’s topnotch economic catalyst of business establishments and classified as a first class urbanized city.. Started as a busy port of Chinese and local traders centuries ago, Mandaue City is boosting now with incredible energy and hospitability to business enterprises. Mandaue accounted for 40% of Cebu’s export companies and approximately 75% of the Philippines total export furniture; thus, tagging the city as “the Furniture Capital Of the Philippines”.

Alongside with the rising business of the city is its world class fine dining restaurants catering to international tastes of Korean foods, Japanese, Italian cuisines and our very musc own Filipino cuisines. A sumptuous meal of seafood cozy and tasty fried chicken, the City wont really lost its way. Added to the flavor is Mandaue’s own delicacy. As Mandauehanons artistry and creativity showcased, food defines their way of living. From corn and rice grits and peanuts to unique savory tastes of bibingka, masareal, budbud and tagaktak or fried ground rice. These foods are so terrifying and bite seizing. They are one-of-a-kind and are only found in Mandaue. They are also excellently designed for take-outs and as “pasalubong ng bayan”.

Colorful Mandaue
Mandaue is indeed an arena of Filipino artistry and craftsmanship. As you stroll around the city’s busy streets and display centers, one can easily notice the creative displays of Mandauehanon’s amazing fashion accessories, traditionally made by native materials like shells and wood carvings, that upon wearing would really make you proudly Filipino.
Furthermore, Mandaue is enormously famous of its traditional fiesta every May and on its Mantawi Festival that showcases the best of what Mandauehanons had.
The traditional celebration is packed with lively performance of dancers that depict the living of Mandaehanons amidst time..
And to highlight even more the city’s progress, the performance is heavily based on Mandaue’s own delicacies like bibingka, budbud and tagaktak as means and props of their dancers, as well as the native broom and salt makingt interpretations . These eventually give highlight to the city’s economic system which became a foundation of development and prosperity for Mandauehanons and the like.

Explore More Mandaue
The city is a living memory of war years past. With its “Bantayan sa Hari”, located in Looc, it stood as a silent testimony to the courage of early inhabitants. The native Mandauehanons under the supervision of Spaniards, constructed a watchtower overlooking the place and Mactan Channel for the coming of Moro vintas, traders and invaders.
On the other point, more explorations could be made in Mandaue by visiting the national Shrine of St. Joseph with its life-sized last supper that culturally highlight Mandauehanons faith and religion. And lastly, Mandaue is a caught-up paradise as sunrise illuminates the two famous bridges that took Mandaue to a higher step of progress.

Indeed, there are a lot of exhilarating things to experience in Mandaue. Why wait? Visit this place with its exquisites that is renowned worldwide. And really with its newly created Cebu International Convention Center , it has become too a global attention and patronage.

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